Mar 28, 2010

Linda Meikle, RN - I Took The NCLEX-RN and Passed!

I passed the NCLEX-RN on March 23, 2010.

There were 75 questions, and it took me about 45 minutes! That's quite likely the shortest test I've taken in my life!

I think the most important aspect of taking this monumental test is to keep a calm mind, and let it work for you. Don't panic if all the answers seem 'right'. Back off and ask yourself what the question is really asking.

Don't expect to to absolutely sure of your answer, or confident that you passed the test.

Remember your Airway, Breathing, Respiration sequence (ABC's). Ask yourself what is most important to keep the patient alive. You can't start an IV or put them in isolation if they are dead because you didn't check the airway or start oxygen.

Know the different type of isolations and the basic diseases they are used for.

Know your basic labs. Know the different Insulins. ABG's.

Review meds, but don't expect to know them all. I passed meds for almost 40 years as a LPN and didn't have any that I recognised on my NCLEX test except one that I had just taken in the last month, and no one told me to keep out of the sun with it!!!!

Every test is different, so no one can tell you to study certain questions.

If you didn't learn it during the many months of nursing school, you aren't going to learn enough to pass the NCLEX in one or two weeks.

I think the best advice I got before I took the NCLEX was to NOT STUDY, although I did review several hours a day for about five weeks between graduation and my appointment. It may have helped refresh my mind and given me a little extra confidence.

Just my thoughts as I've completed this lifepath of nursing school and have taken the big test!

I wish you well, and maybe we will smile if we pass each other in the hospital hallway someday.

Take Care on the Journey,

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LVN LPN said... really crates a value to it...keep it the good working and thank you the great information.

Gary Puntman said...

My wife wants to become an LPN. I think she eventually wants to become an RN as well. She has been worried about the tests she will need to take. I'm glad to hear you passed!
Gary Puntman |